The Alternative to a Shower Door

There is a lot of work installing and then regularly cleaning a shower door. Also there is the cost of a solid shower door.
 StayDry Shower Systems has designed a patented innovative, “seal to the wall“ shower curtain which works in both bathtubs and shower stalls. The Curtain is designed with large side hems running […]

The Leak-Free Shower Curtain

Gone are the days when you had to put a shampoo bottle up against your shower curtain to try to stop shower water from getting past your curtain on to bathroom floor.
 StayDry Shower Systems has invented their sealed to the wall shower curtain that does exactly what it says. This patented shower curtain actually […]

Shower Door in a Bag

If you need to purchase a shower door or solid shower enclosure, it usually means that you are looking for a solution to stop water escaping out of your shower unit. This is especially true of some families with teenagers or older individuals who still act like a teenager. Others make the change from having […]

Dam Curtain

Are you looking for an option other than adding expensive solid shower doors to help keep the shower water inside the shower unit? As a father of two active teenage girls, I knew I needed to find something because our bathroom floor and walls were starting to show signs of water damage. My wife did […]

Shower Water Dam – Basic Fundamentals

There will be an increase in the number of non-lip shower stall all over the world as both our population ages and we continue to make accessibility a priority. There is demand for the dam for individual home, senior housing, hospitals, universities, housing authorities and community living organizations. Most of the new water dams are […]