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Best RV and boat shower curtain / liner to eliminate leaks

Some RV and boat shower curtain problems include – Water leaking pass your shower curtain, stepping out of the shower into a puddle, water causing water damage to floors and walls, curtain blowing in or out, increased housework and maintenance all because of a poorly designed shower curtain.

We have noted the challenges of a typical shower curtain and have two solutions.

Our first option is that we have designed a fabric shower curtain that creates a re usable water tight seal which eliminates shower water spray escaping from your shower. The second option is our Shower Curtain Sealers which create the same re usable water tight seal, however using your existing shower curtain. With both options, floors outside of the shower units are kept clean, dry and safe.

This shower curtain was originally invented to control the escaping water and damage that two teenage girls usually made when showering in our family bathroom. Since those early years we have continued to improve the design of this simple yet effective shower curtain. We now supply these curtains to universities, hospitals, assisted living communities, along with rv’s, boats, homes, cottages, fitness clubs, and any other places where you can find a shower. These curtains / liners are also being used successfully used in ADA shower stalls.


This Shower Curtains or our Sealer eliminate water escaping from the shower keeping floors and walls dry. Reduces housekeeping and maintenance time and associated costs.

Shower Curtain features

The shower curtain has special side hems that conceal the two suspended rubber tubes from the end shower rings that create the water tight seal. This occurs when a person pushes the tubes inside the side sleeves of the curtain into the double side adhesive wall channels that adhere to any shower wall.

Our curtains have 10” inches of mesh across the top of the shower curtain which increases both the ventilation and light getting into the shower unit. Or you can select another style of our curtains that do not have any mesh.

The polyester curtain comes in various sizes and has both anti bacterial and water resistance treatments. It has sewn button holes across the top vs metal so there is no rusting in damp environments.

The bottom hems are folded and sewn outwards to avoid any dirt or soap from the shower getting caught in the lower seam.

Shower Curtain Sealer features

The Curtain Sealer creates the same reusable water tight seal against any shower wall; however it works using your existing shower curtain.

The Sealer works especially well with a RV and boat showers with extend-a- shower rod that provide more space within the shower unit. The Shower Sealer will create the water tight seal on one or both sides of your existing curtain.

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