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How to get the full benefit and usefulness from your small RV and boat shower stall

Obviously the main reason for both designing and having a small shower stall is to be efficient with space in your RV or on your boat. However one of the main challenges when using these units has always been how to keep the shower water inside the shower unit and not on the floor or furnishings surrounding the unit.

This similar challenge was happening with a Canadian family in British Columbia; however, it was not in a RV or on a boat. It was problem happening in the family’s main bathroom with their five foot wide combined shower / bath unit. It seemed that both the family’s teenage girls, who played a number of sports and use of the shower at least once and sometimes twice per day, were one of the key factors.

The last thing on these teenage girls’ minds was remembering to ensure that the shower curtain was property closed. So overtime with shower water constantly escaping onto the floor and wall and not always being wiped dry, sections of the flooring and wall require repair attention.

It was at this point their father, who was a DIY (Do it yourself) homeowner, came up with the idea of a shower curtain kit. The shower curtain kit is a shower curtain that creates a reusable watertight seal to any shower wall without the use of magnets, Velcro or suction cups. The kit works on the same basis as the seal on a plastic sandwich bag. These kits are now available in various widths of 38”, 48” or 66” and can be ordered in a fabric or PEVA vinyl material. The company that produces these kits is called StayDry Systems. They also have another product called the Shower Curtain Sealer that creates the same reusable watertight seal but with your existing shower curtain.

Now whether you have a small RV or boat shower stall or a large shower in your home, you can relax and appreciate your shower more, knowing that your floors, walls and furnishing around your shower will be kept dry.

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