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Shower Door in a Bag

If you need to purchase a shower door or solid shower enclosure, it usually means that you are looking for a solution to stop water escaping out of your shower unit. This is especially true of some families with teenagers or older individuals who still act like a teenager. Others make the change from having a solid shower encloser to a curtain because of a need to find a safer and easier transfer from a wheel chair or walker.

Here are a few more reasons that a person or family may want to consider the alternative to a solid shower door.

Price- Any solid shower door is expensive. You are looking at a price somewhere between a few hundred dollars up to thousands depending on your needs. There is an excellent alternative that offer all the same benefits of a solid enclosure and only for the price of a curtain, however currently, you have to be willing to search the web to discover this innovative product. Over time this alternative will be in most major retailer

Installation – Unless you are a professional in the construction industry, you will find installing a shower door very challenging and time consuming. There could be additional pressure from other members of the family if you are doing the installation yourself, and they need access to the construction zone. The innovative alternative can be installed in minutes with a pair of scissors.

Cleaning – Regardless what your shower enclosure is made of, someone will have to regularly clean it. Not a quick and easy job. You are going to have to have the flexibility to get into some hard to reach area both up and down and in the corners of the unit. With the alternative, you simply slide the curtain off the side tubes and through the curtain into your laundry. Hang to dry and the cleaning of your alternative shower door is done.

Claustrophobic- Some people feel a little claustrophobic especially when the shower enclosure is in a combination bath / shower unit. This usually means a person can be lying in a tub with various frame work or panels of glass or plastic blocking their view out of a tub. With the alternative, you just slide the curtain to one end of the tub and lie back and relax.

Currently the alternative is used in homes, universities, hotels, hospital, senior housing, RV’s and Marine shower installations. This may be a good time for you to review the latest innovation in shower curtains in years, the shower door in a bag.