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The Story Behind The StayDry Curtain


Yes, there is a story behind the Shower Curtain Sealer System!

It started in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada in 1999 with a typical family. Tom and Elizabeth Bryce owned an older home with two shower units in the house. Their teenage daughters, Cathy and Holly seemed to always be using the showers and not completely closing the shower curtains against adjoining walls. This, of course, led to both the floors and walls getting wet and constantly needing repairs. In one instance, part of the finish on the floor had to be replaced. Tom, a home improvement hobbyist, wanted to find a practical solution to this water escaping from the shower units, so he experimented with various components. Elizabeth took part by analyzing the various options until the current combination came about and became known and patented as the Shower Curtain Sealer System.

About the Company

StayDry Systems was founded in 2000 by founder and President Tom Bryce. It arose after Tom and his wife Elizabeth, decided that an easy solution was needed to convince their teenage daughters to pull the shower curtain closed. Their solution was the StayDry System.

Today, StayDry Systems includes Roger Comartin who leads the manufacturing and sales operations. With more than twenty five (25) years industry experience, Roger appreciates that the StayDry System is simple, quick to install and easy to use.

Tom and Roger with the assistance of key business associates have taken the original concept from Tom and Elizabeth’s bathroom to having the product being successfully used on a daily basis in hotels, hospitals, RV’s, cruise ships and numerous residences all over North America.

The success to date, is due to the contribution of many friends, family, neighbours, and key business people who could see the potential of this very functional product and the enthusiasm and commitment of the key principles. We also received outstanding community support from both individuals and organizations within the Victoria, British Columbia region.

We hope that you will either have an opportunity to use our products or contact us about partnership opportunities with StayDry Systems.

Yours truly,

Tom Bryce and Roger Comartin