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Is your shower rod TOO HIGH or shower curtain TOO SHORT – Fix it with one simple solution!

Having been in the shower curtain business for years, we have certainly dealt with both of the above problems and there is a simple solution. StayDry Shower Systems has invented two different styles of extra long shower rings to solve this problem for home owners, university residences, hotels or anywhere there is a shower.

One style the company offers is the “Residential“ extra long shower rings, which are made of white plastic and are “C” shaped. These rings are designed to fit over a one inch or larger diameter shower rod. These extra long shower rings are available in lengths from three inches long up to eight and a half inch long ( 3”-8.5”). These are ideal for the home use.

StayDry Shower Systems also produces their “Institutional” extra long shower rings which are used in a shower that is used many times during the day such as in a university residence. These rings come in a variety of lengths and are popular with facility operators. This is because they can order a common size of shower curtain (less expensive than ordering a custom size shower curtain) and the use of these rings allow them to use the curtain in any shower unit regardless of the height of the shower rod.

A properly installed shower curtain in a shower stall should be hung so the bottom hem is about ¼ inch to a ½ inch off the shower pan or base. This small gap between the curtain and the shower pan allows for the curtain to properly drip dry when not in use. This avoids the curtain ending up touching shower pan and remaining constantly wet thus creating the possibility of mold or mildew growing on your curtain.

So if your shower curtain is too short or your shower rod is too high, StayDry’s extra long shower rings could be your solution.