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  • Finally a fabric shower curtain that creates a reusable water tight seal against any shower wall. Creates an “Instant Shower Door” at a fraction of the cost of an actual solid shower door. There are two tubes in a kit that suspended down from the shower rings inside both side sleeves of the curtain. The tube inside of the curtain snaps into the wall channels creating the reusable water tight seal.

    There are two types of shower curtains to choose from in your kit. Our Deluxe curtains feature a breathable mesh at the top of the curtain to allow ventilation and light into your shower. Our Regular curtains are full fabric and do not have any mesh. All curtains are made of durable polyester and have both water resistant and anti microbial treatments.

    • Anti-Microbial Treatment
    • Durable Polyester Fabric Curtain
    • Creates an Instant Shower Door!

    Choose Width / Choose Colour (White or Avocado Green) / Choose mesh
    or no mesh.

  • Add extra length (from 3 inches up to 8.5 inches) to any size shower curtain or make up the difference for a higher than normal installed shower rods. Our rings can save you time from having to move your shower rod or spending more funds to purchase a longer shower curtain or having custom a shower curtain made for your specific installation.

    By using our rings, you will have more choices of colour and style by being able to use any standard shower curtain. Available in any length from 3.0 inches to 8.5 inches (in half inch increments). Each rings is “C” shaped white plastic and are sold as a set of twelve rings which are very simple to assemble (push and twist).

    The rings are designed to work on a standard shower curtain rod diameter of 1.0 inch or on a commercial shower rod with the diameter of 1.25 inches. Now you can keep your bathroom floors clean, dry and safe by having an appropriate length of shower curtain.


    • 12 rings included per bag
    • Available from 3.0″ to 8.5″
    • Some assembly required

    Each Package Includes

    • 12x small hooks
    • 12x large hooks and
    • 12x length extenders
  • Creates a reusable water tight seal against any shower wall with your existing shower curtain.

    Sealer kit includes one 72 inch rubber tube with a shower ring plus 3x 10 inch self-adhesive wall channels.

    Create an instant seal the sealer tube hangs from the shower rod just behind your shower curtain. Just take the sealer and the edge of your curtain, press int other wall channel to create the reusable water tight seal.

    • Most customers use their sealer on the wall with the shower head and tap
    • You can purchase sealers for both walls of your shower
  • Add length to a any size shower curtain. These rings are great for roll-in showers, and allow for some higher installed shower rods. Can save you money and give you more choice of curtains.

    Highly durable and long lasting. Our Institutional Extra-Long Shower Rings are installed in student residences at the Universities of McMaster, Arkansas, Kentucky, North Dakota, and many others. These showers are used 20 times or more a day.

    Check out How It Works or read the Frequently Asked Questions


    • 12 rings included per bag
    • Available from 4.0″ to 8.5″
    • Contact Us for even longer rings

    You can custom order any length!

  • Offers a clean and finished look to your Collapsible Shower Water Dam.

  • Our Collapsible Water Dam or Shower Water Retainer controls your shower curtain and water from escaping out of your roll-in or barrier-free shower stall. Stands 1.25 inches but collapses to just 3/8 inche when stepped on or rolled over, returning to its original shape thereafter.


    • High density memory foam
    • Bonds to most surfaces
    • Resists stains and mildew
    • Available in rolls from 5 –300 ft. depending on your need
    • Can be curved wtih the addition of a few 45 degree cuts.

    $8.00 per foot (min. order = 5 feet)

Replacement Parts

Extra wall channels and curtains

Clearance Items

Priced to move!
  • Just like our Deluxe Kit, the Enviro kit includes everything you need to keep water in your shower and off your bathroom floor. But the Enviro kit includes a special biodegradable PEVA shower curtain.

    Check out How It Works or read the Frequently Asked Questions


    • Bio-degradable PEVA shower curtain
    • Inexpensive
    • Available in sizes 36″, 46″, 66″ wide and 72″ long

    Package Contents

    • 1x PEVA Shower Curtain
    • 2x Rubber Sealer tubes
    • 4x 10″ Self-adhesive Wall Channels
    • 12x White plastic shower rings
    • 1x Installation Instructions