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The Leak-Free Shower Curtain

Gone are the days when you had to put a shampoo bottle up against your shower curtain to try to stop shower water from getting past your curtain on to bathroom floor.

StayDry Shower Systems has invented their sealed to the wall shower curtain that does exactly what it says. This patented shower curtain actually creates a reusable water tight seal against any shower wall in either a bathtub or in a stall.

Customers talk about the amount of time they save by having one of these unique curtains. Time is saved by reduced eliminating water spills maintenance even when compared to a solid shower door and at a fraction of the cost.

How does it work? There is large narrow sleeve going down both sides of the shower curtain. A long rubber tube is connected to the shower ring closest to each wall of the shower unit. The tube extends from the shower ring to the top of the bathtub or the shower pan depending on where you are installing the “Seal to the Wall “ shower curtain. The tubes are placed into the shower curtain side sleeves. At the same time there is are half inch wide plastic wall channels with double-sided adhesive which you peel and stick to the shower walls to accept the curtain edge holding the rubber tube. Once you press the curtain into the wall channels it forms a watertight seal.

To wash curtains you simply unhook your shower curtain from all the shower rings sliding it all the tubes and throw it into the washing machine. To learn more about this curtain and our other products, please visit our Products Page and the Frequently Asked Questions Page.