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The Alternative to a Shower Door

There is a lot of work installing and then regularly cleaning a shower door. Also there is the cost of a solid shower door.

StayDry Shower Systems has designed a patented innovative, “seal to the wall“ shower curtain which works in both bathtubs and shower stalls.

The Curtain is designed with large side hems running down both sides of the curtain. A long rubber tube is connected a shower ring closest to the wall of the shower unit on both sides. The tubes extend down from the shower ring to the top of the bathtub or the shower pan depending on where you are installing curtain. The shower curtain is then connected to the first shower ring and the tubes slides down the side sleeve of the curtain. Then the curtain is attached to the intervening rings until the last ring where the process is repeated with the tube insertion in the sleeve and the curtain attached to the ring

There are half inch wide plastic wall channels that come with your curtain that adheres to any shower walls with double sided peel and stick adhesive. The curtain with the two tubes inside the side sleeves is pressed into wall channels to create a watertight seal in either a tub or shower stall.

To laundry your curtains simply remove your curtain from the shower rings, sliding off the tubes and throw it into the wash. For more information about an alternative to a shower door, please visit our Products Page to learn more about this curtain, our extra long shower rings and our collapsible water dam.