Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do for end cap or when the dam comes in contact with the shower wall?

We suggest using white silicone caulking to either caulk the dam to the shower wall or fill in the cavity at the end of the dam with the caulk.

Applies to: Collapsible Water Dam

Can I purchase extra or longer wall channels?

Yes, a customer can purchase both extra wall channels, longer wall channels, tubes and various size curtains. These are all available on our parts ordering page.

Applies to: Seal-It Curtain Sealer, SealTight Shower Curtain

How many walls will each Curtain Sealer unit assist with?

You need one Curtain Sealer unit for each wall you wish to create a water tight seal with your existing shower curtain.

Applies to: Seal-It Curtain Sealer

Do you have curtains available in other colours and prints?

At this time we only carry white fabric shower curtain and tan PEVA curtains. Most people use our curtain as a liner and then place their colour and patterned curtain in front of our curtain on the same shower rings.

I have installed your Shower curtain and wall channel, why would I still be having water escaping between the top of my bath tub and the wall onto the floor.

We have noted in a few situations that the bathtub was not properly installed and it is actually on a slant outward toward the bathroom floor. Ideally the tub should be properly reinstalled or your can you place a small rubber dam on the top of the bathtub near your wall channel to divert the water back into the tub

Applies to: Seal-It Curtain Sealer, SealTight Shower Curtain

What size or length should I order of the extra long shower rings?

Take the inside diameter measurement of your current shower curtain rings; (For example – the inside diameter is two 2 inches), Then you take the measurement of the gap between the bottom of your shower curtain and the distance to the shower pan or base; (Let’s assume it is four 4 inches). So we now have a total of six 6 inches if you combine both measurements.

The proper length of a shower curtain bottom hem should be approximately ¼” to ½” inches up and off of the shower pan or base.

This small space will allow your shower curtain to proper drip dry between shower rather than remain wet allowing bacteria to grow.

So a person would subtract ½ inch from the total measurement which in the example above was six 6 inches, which will give you the measurement of the extra long shower ring you should order – 5 ½ inches.

Can I use the StayDry System with my decorative curtains?

Yes! Decorative curtains can be placed on the same rings in front of your StayDry curtain or liner.

Applies to: Seal-It Curtain Sealer, SealTight Shower Curtain

What should I do if my wall channel will not stick to the wall?

Extreme irregularities in the wall or some surfaces may require caulking to provide secure installation.

Applies to: Seal-It Curtain Sealer, SealTight Shower Curtain

How long should I expect the rubber dam to last.

Our rubber dams were build to last and the adhesive is bonded to the base of the dam. We would expect 12 -15 years however you may have to apply additional adhesive at some time during the lifetime of the rubber.

Applies to: Collapsible Water Dam

What do I do if the water dam starts to lift or is caught and the adhesive lets go?

Some tile sealer products can effect a good bond or a section can be caught and breaks its seal – exterior construction adhesive such as Sikaflex which is found in most hardware stores.

What if I am moving and want to take my StayDry system with me?

You can easily remove your wall channel without causing any damage to your shower walls. Gently pry the wall channels off with a butter knife or similar tool. You can either glue your wall channel in its new location or contact StayDry to order a replacement.

Applies to: Seal-It Curtain Sealer, SealTight Shower Curtain

How to make a curve or right angle with a shower water dam?

You can make a series of relief cuts to allow for an overall slight curve when attaching the water dam to the shower unit. In some cases, a home owner may need to make a right turn with the water dam. This is done by cutting out a small triangle shape on the one side of the water dam base that does not have the vertical loop. By cutting out the triangle in the base, this allows for a right angle turn without cutting through the vertical loop.

For more detailed instructions and a photo please see this blog post.