Shower Curtain Sealer

$21.95 USD

Creates a reusable water tight seal against any shower wall with your existing shower curtain.

Sealer kit includes one 72 inch rubber tube with a shower ring plus 3x 10 inch self-adhesive wall channels.

Create an instant seal the sealer tube hangs from the shower rod just behind your shower curtain. Just take the sealer and the edge of your curtain, press int other wall channel to create the reusable water tight seal.

  • Most customers use their sealer on the wall with the shower head and taps
  • You can purchase sealers for both walls of your shower
  • Remember that your Sealer is designed to fit into the side sleeves of all our StayDry shower curtains. You can purchase your choice of curtain material along with a variation of sizes by clicking here.

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Create an Instant Shower Door

With your existing shower curtain. Our shower curtain sealer hangs just behind your shower curtain from the curtain rod. Just take the sealer and the edge of your shower curtain and press it into the wall channels to create a reusable water tight seal.

Seals Right to the Bottom

When properly installed our Curtain Sealer stops your shower leaking all over your bathroom floor. No more mopping up and no more water damage to your floors. Just a safe, clean and dry bathroom floor.

Additional Info

Includes everything you need to seal one side of your leaky shower tub or stall. If you would like to seal both sides of your shower then you will require 2 sealers. Or consider our Shower Curtain Kit which includes 2 sealers and a special StayDry shower curtain.

Package Contents

  • 3x Self Adhesive Wall Channels
  • 1x Rubber Sealer

Replacement Components

All individual components are available for sale

Click here for details.

Installation Instructions


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am moving and want to take my StayDry system with me?

You can easily remove your wall channel without causing any damage to your shower walls. Gently pry the wall channels off with a butter knife or similar tool. You can either glue your wall channel in its new location or contact StayDry to order a replacement.

How many walls will each Curtain Sealer unit assist with?

You need one Curtain Sealer unit for each wall you wish to create a watertight seal with your existing shower curtain.

What should I do if my wall channel will not stick to the wall?

Extreme irregularities in the wall or some surfaces may require caulking to provide secure installation.

I have installed your Shower curtain and wall channel, why would water still be escaping between the top of my bathtub and the wall onto the floor.

We have noted in a few situations that the bathtub was not properly installed and it is actually on a slant outward toward the bathroom floor. Ideally the tub should be properly re-installed or your can you place a small rubber dam on the top of the bathtub near your wall channel to divert the water back into the tub.

Can I purchase extra or longer wall channels?

Yes, a customer can purchase both extra wall channels, longer wall channels, tubes and various size curtains. These are all available on our parts ordering page.