Wheelchair Accessible & ADA Shower Stalls

Bathtubs pose a problem for people who rely on a wheelchair for mobility. Replacing your tub with a roll in shower conversion is a great way to make daily showers enjoyable again. Converting to a barrier free shower stall is not without it’s problems. With out a tub or shower pan to keep the water and curtain controlled barrier free shower stalls can let water leak out all over your bathroom floor. This is where StayDry can help.

Our products help control water in roll in shower stalls. Each solves a specific problem and together they can control water on the sides and bottom of your shower curtain. Our Collapsible Water Dam stops water flow but collapses out of the way when rolled over or stepped on. In addition our water dam features a special fence like shape that helps to catch the bottom of your shower curtain to help stop it from blowing out over the bathroom floor.

The Deluxe Shower Curtain Kit works just like a shower door but with less space and cost. It features special hems on either side that seal tight against your shower wall. The Extra Long Shower Rings add length to any shower curtain so that the bottom edge just touches the floor this drops the curtain to the perfect height to be caught by the collapsible water dam.


Deluxe Shower Curtain Kit
Collapsible Water Dam
Extra Long Shower Rings