Hospitals & Senior Care Homes

We offer a choice of our Deluxe Shower Curtain Kit or our Commercial Shower Curtain Kit which both feature a high quality polyester fabric shower curtain with an anti-microbial treatment. The only difference is that the Commercial Kit comes with two full length 46″ wall channels compared to the Deluxe Kit which comes with six 10” sections of wall channel. Both will provide a water tight seal against any shower wall.

Compliment your StayDry curtain kit with our collapsible water dam which is ideal for controlling both the water and the curtain in non lip shower stall. The Collapsible Water Dam is available in bulk rolls and is easy to installation.

Also ask about our custom StayDry shower curtains specially designed by Rodco Interiors that feature mesh inserts in the top section of the curtains to

allow for increased ventilation and light. These custom curtains can be made in any length so they can be hung from ceiling track.

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Commercial Shower Curtain Kit
Deluxe Shower Curtain Kit
Collapsible Water Dam