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Shower Water Dam – Basic Fundamentals

There will be an increase in the number of non-lip shower stall all over the world as both our population ages and we continue to make accessibility a priority. There is demand for the dam for individual home, senior housing, hospitals, universities, housing authorities and community living organizations. Most of the new water dams are collapsible, which allow for wheelchairs and walker to easily go over them and then they return to their upright position.

The shower dams on the market today work very well on tile or fibreglass.

The best time to add a shower water dam is when there is new construction and a planned renovation.

A person would want to consider adding a shower water dam if they have an ADA or non lip shower stall and wanted to prevent shower water from escaping out and toward other floor surfaces. These dams help not only control the shower curtain, the stop water from flooding out of these types of unit. They also provide increased safety to any one that could be around the shower unit.

There are several different types of shower dams on the market today. Most are made of rubber and some come with an adhesive already on the base where you would peel and stick. Installation usually requires very basic tools such as scissors, knife and perhaps a putty knife. With some others you have to put down some adhesive and then place the dam base into the glue. Others could have a metal track that is first screwed into the basin of the shower stall and the rubber dam is connected to the metal. This last one, you will need more tools and equipment. You want to look for a product that meets your needs and that you have the skill to install.

Regardless, with all installations you want the surface that you are placing the dam to be clean and dry. Most installation also requires some time to allow the adhesive to dry before you get it wet. Over time some adhesive my let go and required to be re glued. A simple construct adhesive which is designed to work in moist conditions can be purchased at your local hardware store. Another options is an adhesive that is used for attaching tube surround

I would definitely encourage a home owner or property manager to consider installing a shower water dam where ever there is or could be a potential water flooding problem.

Tom Bryce is the President of StayDry Systems. StayDry Systems holds the patents and manufactures StayDry Shower Curtains kits and other products like their collapsible water dam and extra long shower rings. (Please visit for more information)