Collapsible Shower Water Dam (Shower Water Retainer) Bulk

$9.00 USD

Note: This is our commercial water dam product and is sold as a single continuous piece. The end-caps are also sold separately in bulk and available for purchase here. If you are looking for our home kit, click here.

Our Collapsible Water Dam or Shower Water Retainer controls your shower curtain and water from escaping out of your roll-in or barrier-free shower stall. The water dam base is 1.0 inches wide and stands 1.25 inches but collapses to just 3/8 inches when stepped on or rolled over, returning to its original shape thereafter.

End caps are not needed if the walls of your shower unit are at right angle to the shower pan.

In these situation most customers use a friction fit by placing the end of the water dam directly against the shower wall. Some customer if needed will add some silicon caulking between the water dam ends and the shower wall.

End caps are used where there is a slight curve between the bottom of the shower pan base and the side walls. The use of the end caps provides a more professional finish look.


  • High density memory foam
  • Bonds to most surfaces
  • Resists stains and mildew
  • Available in rolls from 5 –300 ft. depending on your need
  • Can be curved wtih the addition of a few 45 degree cuts.

$9.00 per foot (min. order = 5 feet)

Worldwide Shipping Available

We ship anywhere in the world, all you have to do is ask! Contact us to arrange shipping outside of North America.


Trusted in Homes and Hospitals

Health workers appreciate the extra safety provided by our shower water retainer. Safety is increased by retaining water in the shower areas to keep the rest of the area dry preventing slips. Roll in, barrier free, curbless shower stalls all can benefit from using our collapsible shower water retainer dam.

Easy to Install

To install the retainer dam simply trim the strip to fit, remove the backing from the self adhesive strips, and apply in place directly below the shower curtain rod. It can be cut to your measurements or shipped in a bulk roll for multiple jobs.

Additional Solutions

To ensure the water dam is able to catch your shower curtain you can use our extra long shower rings to easily lower your shower curtain to the proper height. Also, the shower curtain kits seals the curtain edges to either side of your accessible shower providing even greater curtain control.

Some of Our Satisfied Customers

Hospitals, Assisted Living and Medical Suppliers

  • Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto
  • University Medical Center, Texas
  • Community Hospital – CA
  • Wallowa Memorial Hospital – OR
  • Annapolis Royal Nursing Home – NS
  • Las Ventanas Lifecare Community – NV
  • Dubois Housing Authority – PA
  • Community Living Windsor – Ont
  • St. Joseph Apts – MO
  • Benton Village Project – GA
  • MediChair – Ont


  • Sheridan College – WY
  • Emory University – GA
  • University of Plattsburgh – NY
  • Minnesota State University – MN
  • Johnson & Wales University – NC
  • MSUM University – MN
  • Minnesota State University – MN
  • University of Tennessee – TN
  • Texas State University – TX
  • Stanford University – CA
  • Miami University – OH
  • Lake Michigan College – MI


  • Whispering Palms Inn – TX
  • Quality Inns – CA
  • Hyatt Regency – FL
  • Hampton Inn Suites
  • Holiday Inn – CA
  • Days Inn – AL
  • The Beachmere Inn – ME
  • Clearwater Casino – WA

Government and Construction Industry

  • NASA – Texas
  • United States Army – AE
  • TBA Construction – SC
  • Kellogg and Kimsey – TX
  • AM Carpet Service – NY
  • G&K Dev Co – NW

Recreation Facilities

  • Medeba Summer Camp – Ont
  • Health Track and Wellness – PA
  • YMCA – MN
  • Hillside Lake Park Recreation – Ont


  • Smithsonian Museum – New York

Installation Instructions


Frequently Asked Questions

How to make a curve or right angle with a shower water dam?

You can make a series of relief cuts to allow for an overall slight curve when attaching the water dam to the shower unit. In some cases, a homeowner may need to make a right turn with the water dam. This is done by cutting out a small triangle shape on the one side of the water dam base that does not have the vertical loop. By cutting out the triangle in the base, this allows for a right angle turn without cutting through the vertical loop.

For more detailed instructions and a photo please see this blog post.

Which way should the lip on the Water Dam face?

The flat lip should be facing toward the drain which is inside the shower unit.

How long should I expect the rubber dam to last.

Our rubber dams were built to last. The adhesive is bonded to the base of the dam. We would expect 5 years, however, you may have to apply additional adhesive sometime during the lifetime of the rubber.

Do I need end caps if the dam comes in contact with the shower wall?

If the shower wall meets the shower base at a right angle, then you do not need end caps. If needed you have the option to put some silicon where the dam meets the wall.

If you have a cove or round area where the wall meets the shower base, we suggest using our end caps.

What should I do if the water dam starts to lift or is caught and the adhesive lets go?

Some tile sealer products can prevent proper bonding or a section can be caught and pull up the water tight seal – We would recommend using an exterior construction adhesive such as Liquid Nail or PL 2000 which is found in most hardware stores.

What do you do for end cap or when the dam comes in contact with the shower wall?

If your wall come down on a right angle to the shower base, then you can put some silicon where the dam meets the wall.

If you have more a cove or round area where the wall meets the shower base, we suggest using our end caps or plugs product.