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Dam Curtain

Are you looking for an option other than adding expensive solid shower doors to help keep the shower water inside the shower unit? As a father of two active teenage girls, I knew I needed to find something because our bathroom floor and walls were starting to show signs of water damage. My wife did not support the idea of having shower doors because someone has to clean them and she also did not like having of all the hardware framing involved with a shower door, if all you were doing was having a bath. It was time to look for another option to deal with this home improvement challenge.

First came the Curtains
That’s when I came up with the idea of designing the StayDry shower curtain that would work like a shower door and actually seal against the walls of the shower unit. For approx 10 years now, our StayDry shower curtain has been working well in our home and many others across North America and Europe.

It seemed that there was a lot of other folks were having similar shower spray problems due to situations such as forgetful visiting guests to some adults that still behaved like teenagers. We also noted that there were other markets looking for a re sealable shower curtain. Interest came first from the hotels and motels then followed by RV’s and Marine industry that were always challenged with very small spaces for their shower stalls.

The next groups looking for solutions were the senior housing complexes, universities and hospitals. They were also looking for an improved shower curtain to stop water from escaping from their shower units to increase safety for both the patients and for staff.

Then came the Dam
Working with my business partner, Roger Comartin, with numerous installations, we were exposed to an increasing number of non lip shower stalls especially in senior housing complexes and the hospitals. It became apparent that there was a real need for a collapsible water dam product. Our water dam is approximately one and a quarter inches high and is made of very flexible rubber. This is ideal when a wheel chair or walker goes over the dam, because the dam collapses to approximately one quarter of an inch in height, making it very easy to transfer in and out of the shower unit. The dam controls both the water and holds the base of a curtain inside the shower unit.

With Roger’s input, the StayDry dam is designed with two adhesive strips on the base of the dam which adheres solidly to either tile, cement or a fiberglass finish. This design provides double protection to repel any shower water trying to get under the dam. Currently StayDry dams are used by Housing Authorities, hospitals, senior homes and universities for their non lip shower stalls.

StayDry continues to develop solutions for showering problem and has recently developed extra long shower rings which allow an individual to use an inexpensive standard size shower curtain in situation where the shower rod was installed too high. Currently the StayDry team is working on a new inexpensive biodegradable “PEVA” plastic shower curtain that will work on the same bases as the current polyester fabric StayDry curtains that creates a water tight seal to any shower wall.