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Create an Extra Long Shower Curtain Inexpensively With Extra Long Shower Rings

Now you can save money and discover more options in curtain colours and patterns because of the extra length these adjustable length rings can provide. Longer shower rings and hooks are now available on the web.

Imagine that you need your existing shower curtain to be a few inches longer in order to properly control the shower water trying to escape your shower. Do you go out and buy a new longer curtain which can be very difficult to find and usually more expensive?

Or you find yourself in a situation where you move into a new home to find the shower rod has been installed above the fibreglass surround, so you start to look for an extra long curtain that can fit the shower stall. We often see this situation in hospitals and universities where the shower rod is placed very high thus putting pressure on the operators to have custom length shower curtain made for their specific shower units.

With these longer rings that can be made to provide you extra length from anywhere between 4.5 inches to 8.5 inches, will give you the extra length so you do not have to rely on having custom shower curtain made.

Imagine the incredible savings that are now available to you if you can now go out and purchase a standard size shower curtain. Along with your savings you also now have more choices of colours and patterns just due to the fact of the market are so much larger for standard size shower curtains vs. longer shower curtains.

How do I measure the length of curtain ring I need?

Most standard shower rings provide approx one and half to two inches of length when connected to a shower curtain. This measurement is the distance from the inside of the top of the ring to the inside of the bottom of the ring. So let’s imagine that your rings provides you two inches in length, however with your current curtain, you are another three inches short to proper fall behind the shower lip in you stall. In this case you would order a set of five inch extendable shower rings which would provide you the length that you need plus the length of the original rings.