StayDry Systems produces commercial grade shower curtains for hospitals, universities, recreation centers, and care homes. These curtains feature the same industrial grade anti-bacterial treatment and sturdy construction as our Deluxe Shower Curtains. However these curtains are larger and feature a mesh top section that allows them to be hung from ceiling track rather than a curtain rod. This gives greater headroom than normal shower curtains.

Our commercial curtains are used and trusted by some of the largest hospitals in North America. Our design allows for maximum savings when laundering the curtains. The anti-bacterial treatment helps to prevent the growth of many of today’s health threats. And by sealing both sides, patient privacy and worker safety is increased. On top of all that, your team spends less time housekeeping and more time getting on with their other tasks.

You can order our standard size commercial curtains or you can have us make a custom order specifically for your project. Any size, any color. Let us know your unique specifications and needs and we’ll put together a quote for you. If you work for a commercial or public institution you may qualify for free samples of our Commercial Shower Curtain Kit and a 6 foot sample of our Collapsible Water Dam.

Custom Shower Curtains

We can make you custom shower curtains to your exact specifications. Any size, any color, any material. If you know exactly what you want or if you need a little help putting a design together, we can help. Our experience designing custom shower curtains for institutions can go a long way. Contact us with details of your project for a quote.
Please provide us with your dimensions of your shower unit(s), along with your curtain color / pattern preference.

For more information about custom shower curtains, send an email to:

Our Commercial Shower Curtains

handicapped-shower-deluxe-shower-curtain-kitThis curtain is available immediately and was designed for the high standards of today’s hospitals. Sealable, Anti-Bacterial, and hospital tested.

Our curtains are all 66 inches wide by 72.5 inches high and feature a mesh section along the top to allow air flow and light into the shower unit.

Bulk Orders

Anyone purchasing a large quantity of our products should write or phone to see if we can offer you a volume discount given the size, quantity and your shipping location.

Refer to the table below for the minimum volume of orders for bulk pricing.

Deluxe Shower Curtain Kits ≥ 50 units
Shower Curtain Sealers ≥ 100 units
Collapsible Water Dam ≥ 300 feet
Extra Long Shower Rings ≥ 50 units

These orders qualify for a 10% discount.

For larger volumes please contact us for a quote.

For more information about ordering in bulk, send an email to:

Commercial Installation and Ordering

Need a custom shower curtain? We have created custom shower curtains for residential clients as well as commercial clients who order in bulk.

Our StayDry Commercial Kit features two 46″ inch wall channels for either side of the shower stall. This allows for faster installation and easy use.

StayDry Systems products are installed by Rodco Interiors in many of the Victoria BC area Hospitals. For custom installations of StayDry products in Western Canada please contact Rodco Interiors for more information.

Try a Free Sample

We would love for you to see for yourself just how well the StayDry System can help in your showers.

Tell us a bit about your institution and we will send you a sample of our 66×72.5 inch Commercial Shower Curtain AND 6 feet of Collapsible Water Dam to try Risk Free.

Get your free sample

The StayDry Advantage

deluxe-mid-detail-2-220x220Our shower curtains seal along both sides to contain water in the shower area and off your bathroom floors.

Tubes inside the side sleeves of the curtains snap into wall channels to create a reusable water tight seal on any shower wall.

Trusted by The Royal Jubilee Patient Care Center

private-shower_0032StayDry was selected to provide commercial shower curtains for the new Patient Care Center in Victoria, BC. They were selected becase of the Ultra-Fresh treatment and the extra safety provided by our patented sealing system.

Ultra-Fresh Anti-Bacterial Treatment with Regular Testing Available

ultra-fresh-new-logoOur Ultra Fresh treatment provides anti bacterial protection against E Coli, MRSA, S. Aureus along with mold / mildew. Lab results show that even with over 50 hospital washes, the anti bacterial treatment remain 90% effective. We can provide your organization regular lab test of your StayDry curtains effectiveness.

Reduced Housekeeping Costs

Staff spend less time cleaning up shower areas. And our curtains are designed for easy washing. We also use the Eaze Drape system from Rocdo Interiorsto allow staff to quickly install and remove curtains to ceiling track.

Safer, Drier Bathroom Floors

The patented StayDry system seals the sides of your shower curtains. This keeps water inside the shower area and off your bathroom floors. Increasing safely for those showering and staff.