What size or length should I order of the extra long shower rings?

It is a good thing that there is finally a company now producing extra long shower rings of various lengths to help anyone who has an existing shower curtain that is too short to control the shower water within a shower stall.

Depending on the height that your shower rod was installed, a standard 70” or 72” inch long shower curtain may not be long enough to help control and keep the shower water inside the shower unit. You may be someone who has a similar problem.

You may ask “how do I know what size or length of extra long shower rings should I order?” There is a very simple way to figure this out.

First, take the inside diameter measurement of your current shower curtain rings; (For example – the inside diameter is two 2 inches), Then you take the measurement of the gap between the bottom of your shower curtain and the distance to the shower pan or base; (Let’s assume it is four 4 inches). So we now have a total of six 6 inches if you combine both measurements.

The proper length of a shower curtain bottom hem should be approximately ¼” to ½” inches up and off of the shower pan or base.

This small space will allow your shower curtain to proper drip dry between shower rather than remain wet allowing bacteria to grow.

So a person would subtract ½ inch from the total measurement which in the example above was six 6 inches, which will give you the measurement of the extra long shower ring you should order – 5 ½ inches.

How to make a curve or right angle with a shower water dam?

Over the years of selling shower accessories, we have been asked a number of times; “Can a person create a curve or make a right angle turn using our shower pan water retainer?”

The answer is “yes” because of the overall design of the water dam. The water dam designs consist of the vertical loop which is approximately 1-1/4 inches high and the base of the dam which is also 1-1/4 inches wide. The base has two strip of adhesive bonded to the water dam.

The vertical rubber loop which both controls the shower curtain and stops the water escaping from the bottom of the shower, is situated on one side (or on one half of the base of the water dam).

The other side of the water dam base will allow an individual to either make a series of relief cuts to allow for an overall slight curve when attaching the water dam to the shower unit. In some cases, a home owner may need to make a right turn with the water dam. This is done by cutting out a small triangle shape on the one side of the water dam base that does not have the vertical loop. By cutting out the triangle in the base, this allows for a right angle turn without cutting through the vertical loop.

If you need to make this right angle turn, when ordering your water dam, it is suggested that you order an extra foot or length of dam. Use the extra length to practice cutting the correct size of triangle section of the base to meet your requirements.